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My name is Áine, and I have been practicing a self-made spiritual path for over fifteen years. I discovered Paganism and Wicca in my mid-teens, and after a period of disillusionment during college, I came back to a Pagan practice via pantheism in my early twenties. (Not sure what pantheism is? Watch this video.)

I wanted to give back to the Pagan and pantheistic communities, especially because there are relatively few pantheist Pagan voices online. For the past ten years, I have been writing blog posts and making YouTube videos sharing the journey of my self-made spiritual path. I have met amazing people and had wonderful opportunities like having an article published in Witches and Pagans Magazine (issue #35, 2018) and presenting in the Scottish Pagan Federation's annual conference (2020).

Later I decided to try my hand at religious scholarship and I earned my PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Edinburgh in 2020 (yes, it was quite a year!!). I've been published in two acadmic journals, and was interviewed in 2018 for the popular Religious Studies Podcast.

I now specialise in helping people shape their own spiritual practice. I've spent ten years practicing rituals that I gradually developed myself, drawing on Pagan traditions, poetry, and my own words and ideas. My daily practice is always a work in progress. Using this personal experience and my years of reading and research, I can help you do the same.

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