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Tarot Readings for Spiritual Insight

My written tarot readings offer guidance for self-development and spiritual growth. I use the cards to suggest potential themes and nuggets of insight to address your current concern.

I am to help you feel confident and empowered as you take your next steps. I also focus on your spiritual life and practice, though these readings can address all areas of your life as well as your spirituality directly.

These tarot readings do not aim to divine either the future or your current situation. Instead, I use the rich symbolism and stories of the tarot cards to tap into my own breadth of experience and insight, and to provide you with a friendly guiding voice.

I am happy to cover most topics in a reading, but please be aware that the reading will focus on you, and inspiring you to tackle the world more confidently, rather than other persons or specific situations. I retain the right to refund you if I feel your situation requires a professional service (legal, health, etc) that I am unqualified to provide.

All my tarot readings are in written form, and range between 1000-2000 words depending on your spread choice. I will choose a deck and draw your cards, then craft a written reading tailored to your needs and questions, using the cards as inspiration. The finished PDF includes card images.

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I offer three different lengths of readings: a 3-card reading, a 5-card reading, and an 8-card reading. These readings differ only in length; the more cards and words, the deeper we can dive.

After paying, click "return to vendor" to access this form, so you can let me know your question. I will email you within 24 hours (Mon-Sat) to confirm the reading and discuss any further needs or questions.

I will write and send you your reading as a PDF within 7 days of payment.

Have any questions? You can email me or fill out the form below.

Choose from three reading options:

  • 3-card spread, minimum 1000 words
  • 5-card spread, minimum 1500 words
  • 8-card spread, minimum 2000 words

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"I really appreciate your consideration, encouragement and support. ...lately I have been feeling rather "stuck" and your reading has helped to shift things a bit for me. I can see now that if I change my perspective, perhaps I can find new solutions that I didn't know were there. I love how you use the cards and imagery to tell a story."

– Sarah

"Wow! So this reading is wonderful and so are you! I just knew you’d come up with something awesome. Your insights were so on point! ...it’s great to have confirmation that I’m on the right track. ... As for presentation, I LOVE that you included photos and really got into the visuals of the cards. I’m a visual learner/thinker, so that was great. ... Attention to detail was spot on. The deck you chose was also really beautiful, and added a calming feeling... I also heard your accent in my head as I was reading, which was unexpected and fun. 😂"

– Dani M.

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